Getting paid to take surveys... Huge Myth or Huge Money?

Getting paid to take surveys... Huge Myth or Huge Money?
Author: Robert Palmer

I was recently approached by a woman who told me that she gets paid over $1,200 per month to take surveys online. At first I found this hard to believe and was immediately skeptical. How could anyone get paid that much money just to answer a few questions about your opinion on a product or service? If that were the case then anyone could take a survey whenever they wanted and get paid instantly. There would be no boss, no irritating co-workers, no time commitments, and the work would be easy enough for my grandmother to do.

So I decided that I would research paid surveys and uncover the truth about how much money one could make taking them. Here is what I found:

There are reputable companies that focus totally on gathering information on thousands of products for hundreds of industries. Products like; appliances, footwear, toys, music, etc. They collect this information and deliver it to major companies throughout the world. Helping them sell products and services more efficiently to their customers.

One of the methods these companies use to collect information is a paid survey. On average, they will pay $5 to $25 to take a survey. So, getting paid to take a survey is without a doubt available for anyone 18+. But can a person really earn $1,200 per month taking surveys?

Well, after further investigation, I uncovered what I believed to be a flaw in this amazing story. The average company will give a maximum of only two surveys per week. This means it would be impossible to make $1,200 a month taking just two surveys a week. However, if a person were to take surveys for multiple companies, they could get enough surveys to make that $1,200 per month. As a matter of fact, I found many people are making over $2,500 a month by joining focus groups which can pay up to $150 to participate.

To break it down for you... If you join multiple survey companies, take just 2 surveys per day, and participate in a few focus groups, you could very well make over $2,000+ a month easily from home.

The key to making that much money is finding enough companies that will supply you with surveys. There are free survey web sites all over the Internet. With a little work and research you could get started right now with absolutely no money out of your pocket. You must find reputable sites that pay you money. There are tons of sites that just give gifts, prizes and credits. Who wants that stuff?

The great news, is that I have found excellent programs that already have over 450+ companies in their database that will pay you in cold hard cash. They offer easy instructions to get started, additional work from home ideas, and information on how to get involved with focus groups. You can find my review of these paid survey programs at: www.LootSwoop.com/Survey

Paid surveys offer anyone with a little time, a computer, and an opinion the opportunity to make decent money from the comfort of there own home. Many are using paid surveys as a vehicle to bring in extra cash when they get a little free time.

Devin Dozier is owner/operator of www.LootSwoop.com . An exciting website offering proven opportunities to make money online.

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