The Myth of the Internet Success Secret

The Myth of the Internet Success Secret
Author: Ron Jones

Before the Internet became the World Wide Web as we know it, people were trying to turn a quick buck by posting what came to be known as "usenet spam." What we now know as spamming a forum.

As soon as the Web entered the mainstream of everyday life sometime in the late 1990's, the inevitable guru moved in, set up shop and began selling the secrets to building an online fortune. As is usually the case, it was the guru who built the fortune.

Fast forward to today; nothing has really changed. There are even more marketers selling the secrets to Internet business success, and the price is higher.

Why is this so? Why do people continue to buy into the snake oil of easy, push-button, online riches? The answer is far outside the scope of this short document. Although it should say something that libraries have been filled with works on the peculiarities of human nature, yet we are no closer to understanding it.

Most people online are attracted to wealth building secrets that are complex and arcane. I suppose it appeals to our natural human tendency to want exclusivity. The "forbidden secrets" angle is always a big seller.

It also provides a subconscious "out" in the event of failure. After all, If I start an Internet business using these secrets and I fail, then "it must work for only a few." My ego is saved the bruising of failure because the method was too complex

Yet hope springs eternal in the human breast, and still we search for the secret to that mythical Internet fortune.

There are a few however, who have actually discovered the real secrets to building a stable, income producing, Internet business. The incredible thing about these secrets is that they are available to anyone, without cost. I have found them, and I want to share them with you:

1. Find or create a high quality product that fills a need. You'll need to do some market research to discover if there is enough demand for your product to warrant the investment of time and money in production. Read Chris Anderson's book "The Long Tail" for an eye-opening look at just how extensive the market will be.

2. Offer your product to the marketplace of people who are actually looking for it. Read Mark Joyner's book "The Irresistible Offer" for tips on developing a high ROI offer that your prospects cannot pass up.

3. Treat your customers like the golden goose. Communicate with them, ask them for input, find out what they want, and act upon it.

4. With the knowledge you gained in step 3, go back to step 2 and do it again. Become a resource for your customers and you will earn their business for life.

It's really that simple. The secrets that have the greatest affect on our lives and in our business are usually the ones that are rooted in common sense.

If you can grasp the power of these secrets to Internet business success, you will be one of the very few who will have the keys to online fortune.

People will continue to seek the obscure and arcane because of wishful thinking and continue to believe in those things despite evidence to the contrary, simply because they are unwilling to accept a simple answer.

About the Author:
Develop your Internet Success plan with this proven formula. Ron Jones is the owner of www.internetprofit101.com A free Internet Marketing resource that cuts through the hype and shows you how to succeed online.

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