The Biggest Myth About Ecommerce - Squashed

The Biggest Myth About Ecommerce - Squashed
Fabian Tan

It is a popular assumption by many people that there is no money left to be made in the Internet. Those big boys at eBay, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Amazon have eaten all the pie. Or so they think.

Wrong! There is more money than ever to be made on the Internet. The pie is getting bigger and bigger every day.

People see the competition on the Internet and wonder, how are they going to make money?

Let me tell you how - simply by tapping into a worldwide market, a feat that was unachievable by most companines before the Internet came along.

Internet commerce sales now comprises of 12% of all retail revenue. This is expected to reach 25% in 2012. Ok, so 75% will still belong to offline sales.

But humor me, how many of these offline businesses are able to target a worldwide market? More specifically, how many of these businesses merely sell to their local neighbourhood or city? And how many of these businesses operate 24 hours a day?

While the costs of doing business in the real world is increasing, costs of doing online retail is decreasing. To book a domain name in 1999 cost $40, now you can buy one for $8 or less.

Every year, the number of people going online is increasing. The opportunity to tap into these new people who get online every year, and turn them into customers, is an opportunity not to be missed.

So if you're wondering whether or not there is still money to be made on the Internet, you'd better believe there is!

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