Traffic Building - Is Guaranteed Web Site Traffic Reality or a Myth?

Traffic Building - Is Guaranteed Web Site Traffic Reality or a Myth?
Author: Leo Hanes

was doing some online research recently and I ran across the phrase "guaranteed web site traffic" many times, and was puzzled by their meaning, and intent of such a bold statement, but mostly I wondered what exactly it guaranteed. What was the benefit for you or me?

Question: What is guaranteed web site traffic anyway?

Dictionary.com gives you nine different results for "guarantee", but the number one definition was as follows:
"1. a promise or assurance, esp. one in writing, that something is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., or that it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time: a money-back guarantee."

Answer: What is it that you expect from guaranteed website traffic?

This definition infers that you can expect web site traffic of a specific quality, quantity, or may expect some benefit, otherwise you would get your money back, get replacements, cancel without penalty, or some such thing if you were ever to buy such guaranteed web site traffic.

A Typical Example of Ad Copy
Guaranteed Website Traffic - Using our "xyz abc" technology we can deliver from X thousand to Y million targeted visitors directly to your site each month.

Wow! If its that easy why do so many internet marketers still struggle with getting web site traffic……..they should simply sign up with any number of these available promotions and get thousands of visitors every month, end of your problem right!

Let me ask you - So what should you say about your web site traffic?

1) You get thousands or millions of visitors monthly
2) You got more clicks than you ever got before
3) You are getting more page views than ever

I believe that the only thing that matters is profitable sales.

If a traffic source provides you 100 visitors a day, but no sales, it is useless. If a traffic source provides you 10 visitors a day, but 2 sales, it is great.

You will look a long time to find a guaranteed web site traffic offer that will
talk about results of any kind, so what is the guarantee really worth to you.

Through experience I have learned that the only guaranteed web site traffic comes from traffic that you finally will learn to generate for yourself.

The cost of acquiring a new customer for the first time continues to get more expensive, so your online marketing strategy of creating multiple responsive opt in email lists, and is based on the online profitability that comes from nurturing and retaining existing customers.

By learning that there are only 3 core principles to creating profits online, one of which is web site traffic generation, and if you do not convert that traffic into sales, creating profits online, you will be guaranteed web site traffic is a myth, and the reality is you will be out of business fast.

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Leo Hanes is an experienced full time internet marketer, who has written a number of articles on the principles of web site traffic and online profits

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