SEO and The Six Figure Income Myth

SEO and The Six Figure Income Myth
Author: Christopher Angus

f you are a reviewer or critic you are likely to find work writing reviews of products and services on the Internet. This is quite a common offering however don’t expect to be reviewing anything ordinary. Usually the types of things that are offered up for review are insurance sites, credit products, Clickbank products and porn sites. Also you might find that this pays really low, unless you can add search engine content optimization to your skill set.

Most actual product descriptions that are done for the Internet are done in house. The same goes for catalogues. Yet the first thing that most writing gurus on the net will tell you is that there is tons of catalogue description work available on the net. In fact this is the type of work that you see the least of for freelancers on the auction sites – nowadays the SEO blog or article is replacing this type of Joe work.

Reviewing products on the Internet can pay even lower than other types of writing. Once again this only pays off if you can write quickly and do large amounts of reviews in bulk and if you know how to search engine optimize a product description. Of course it can also depend on the length of review that you are assigned. A 250-word blog type review might go for as low as a dollar each. A 1,000-word review goes for about 150 dollars or less. In fact the average price is about ten bucks each for a thousand-word review.

Of course if you are a prolific reviewer you can make money by reviewing products on the Internet and attaching affiliate product links to the format you are writing in. It is more profitable to simply open your own business rather than hire yourself out. Just make sure that you are writing a good review of whatever you are writing about especially if you are the SEO affiliate of the product.

Christopher Angus is a SEO and Website Marketer. He can be contacted at: Sales (at) Brilliantseo.com

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