Affiliate Marketing: The Myth About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: The Myth About Affiliate Marketing
Author: Zack Lim

Many people will enter affiliate marketing with the thinking of making some quick money whilst doing the least amount of work and preparation. They will expect to make tons of money without doing much except to send just a few advertisements. This is totally not true at all.

Affiliate marketing is just like any other kind of business. You must treat affiliate marketing as your own real business. If you actually know what you are doing, you will be much nearer to your affiliate success. But all these successes will require your time, effort and persistence.

One of the common things that all super affiliates have is that they have their own websites and newsletters. The second thing that they will do is that they will never ever drive their traffic directly to their affiliate links.

What the super affiliates will do instead is they will drive the traffic to their own website which has the ability to collect the lead’s data. They will offer the visitor a free reports or training course if they sign up for their list. The content the super affiliates gives to the customer in the report or training course will be quality content which will really gives value to the customer. This step actually helps to builds up the super affiliates’ credibility.

They will actually build a good relationship with their list so that they will be able to presell their affiliate products better. They will be able to promote new affiliate products to the customer again and again as long as the customer is still inside the list. You will realize that the content and the newsletter and the eBooks that is given by the super affiliates will be quality content. The customer will likely buy from them because the customer trusts them.

These are the few things that all super affiliates have in common. It is a proven model and it has already works for people who have applied them. What you will need to do now is to put in the required time, effort and persistence to achieve your own affiliate success.

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