Blogging Myths Shattered

by Harry Constantine
A huge trail of controversies and myths still continue to exist within the blogosphere. This article was written to dispel some of the blog myths outlined below.

The simplest of all people can start a blog.
I don’t think so! Though you don’t have to be super technical when it comes to blogging, you still should know how to use the computer, need an Internet connection and blog hosts (free or paid), some experience using the Internet and most importantly a passion for writing and communicating your thoughts.

Anyone can set up a blog. It all depends on your blog hosts. Some blogs hosts have simpler user interface and in minutes your blog will be up in minutes. But there are others that get far more technical than the average users may be ready for.

Blogging is grade-school. When in comes to blogging, it’s the actual writing that’s the toughest nut to crack. The more engaged and knowledgeable you are with your subject, the easier and more interesting your writing will be.

Most blogs are political. Nope, only some. Many blogs focus on political topics but most blogs are just bloggers discussing their lives, loves and travels. A list of the 50 most visited blogs at BlogHub (http://www.bloghub.com/top50blogs.htm) shows very few political blogs.

Blogs are in competition with the main-stream media. This is true in a few cases (not as many cases as bloggers would have you think). Just recently, there have been some very popular and influential social and politically-oriented blogs that have caused main-stream media outlets to back-track and change their coverage of important events.

Bloggers are just having fun criticizing everyone and everything and have no new information to add. True in some cases. Today, blogging is much more than the personal activity it used to be. Corporations, media outlets, public personalities, politicians and experts in almost every field have now joined the ranks of blog producers. Considering all this expertise, one would have to say that bloggers have a lot of new information to add to any debate.

Blogs don’t always tell the truth. That’s a bit of an overstatement. You may read bad information and even intentional untruths in blogs but, for the most part, bloggers who state facts are stating what they honestly believe to be fact. It is always up to the reader to verify that any information they receive is accurate information.

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