Cal Net Technology Group Busts Top 3 Myths About IT Support In Recession 2.0

Cal Net Technology Group (www.CalNetTech.com), a Southern
California-based computer support and I.T. consulting firm that offers
affordable and dependable services to businesses throughout Southern
California, wants business owners, CFOs, office managers, and controllers
to understand the advantages of engaging external computer support and
I.T. consulting during the recession.

Zack Schuler, President & CEO of Cal Net Technology Group and whose
business survived during the dot-com crash, debunks what he views as the
Top 3 Myths about I.T. during economic downturns:

Myth 1: Playing the "freeze" game is wise for both CapEx and OpEx.

Schuler says: "If investments in I.T. systems are frozen, this doesn't
mean everything should remain stagnant. I recommend investing in 'people
infrastructure' which may mean replacing or reducing headcount. I.T.
support firms play a huge role in assessing real I.T. needs during
downturns, and can provide solutions for a fraction of the cost."

Myth 2: Internal I.T. staff should be a "jack of all trades."

Schuler says: "Untrue! This approach to I.T. can often lead to disastrous
consequences. When budgets are tight companies often opt to hire staff
that can fix little bits of everything, but fail to understand deep,
specific needs. Consultants can often be hired for a fraction of the cost
with expertise in your area of need."

Myth 3: We don't need I.T to be competitive.

Schuler says: "If there is any time to beat your competition, it is RIGHT
NOW. Far too often, companies view I.T. as 'overhead' as opposed to
'competitive advantage.' Most companies have the hardware and software in
place to compete, but lack the strategic component on how to leverage what
they've got. Engaging experts to craft I.T. strategies should be the

About Cal Net Technology Group

Founded in 1995, Cal Net Technology Group provides Southern California's
businesses with technology solutions expertise ranging from outsourced
I.T. services to ongoing support and consultation. Their signature
service, TECManage, is designed to provide a cost-effective option for
companies who need the services of full-time I.T personnel.

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