2 SEO Myths: Revealed

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which basically means a technique applied to get a high search results ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo! Etc. Since many users search information using search engines for their queries, getting a high ranking leads to high traffic and thus high profits for businesses.

The complexity of SEO is that many of such techniques and tips have already been used all over the internet, and one can say that using the existing techniques will at most put you on par with the rest and not above the rest, which is what you are trying to achieve since you want a higher than average search result ranking. Worse still, there are SEO firms that use practices that are violating the rules of search engines, leading to the user being banned. The following are some myths of SEO.

One of the myths is to use meta tags to boost your research results. This is proven to be useless because while keywords are still essential, meta keyword tags are ignored by search engines since a long time ago. Another myth is that pay per click advertising methods has some sort of impact on the search rankings of certain search engines. This is a gross misunderstanding as pay per click has absolutely no effect on the ranking of search results.

Another tip that turns out to be merely a scam is the use of link farms. Link farms are sites that hyperlink to every other websites in the 'farm' and were banned on many search engines a long time ago. Yet, many SEO consultants still give this tip out to people who may not be technologically savvy.

To avoid receiving the above mentioned poor advices from novice SEO firms, one should choose a reputable SEO firm with a good knowledge on the acceptable and unacceptable practices. Do not risk your company integrity with a lousy SEO company.

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