Busted, Plausible or Confirmed?

Cola can disolve a steak. - BUSTED!

Silicon breast implant can burst in high altitude - BUSTED!

shark skin is like sandpaper and can be use similarly. - BUSTED!

A shotgun can shatter a lock - PLAUSIBLE.

The odor of a decomposing body cannot be removed from a car's interior. - CONFIRMED.

An electric eel skin wallet can de-magnetized credit cards - BUSTED!

This is what they do in Discovery Channel's MythBusters show.

Since I became an avid fan of this show, I really wish they will make a version of this show exclusively for IT society sooner.

This will blog will try its best to fill this gap.

We (yes, it's us) will try to make a list of IT Myths and try to resolve this myth or least provide factual information.

Let's do it!!

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