Widespread Myths About Software Engeneering

Besides, it is necessary to remember that really unique technologies arise very seldom, and with a high probability at the moment precisely such technology is already discussed, developed or even is sold somewhere else.
About management of programmers.
I personally very much respect and I love software developers – programmers, however in communication it is necessary to be careful with them and to know certain rules.
Management of programmers – not magic. The humanist can even operate the program project. But for this purpose it is necessary in general to be able to operate with people and projects. As well as in any branch, the nobility some features of engineering procedure suffices manager and not to give in to “industry myths”. All the rest depends on usual ability of the manager to adjust work.
Myths. Management of programmers has the features complicated by myths and illusions round programming. Developers and sellers of computer services willingly support these myths. A principal cause of myths is the contradiction between obvious intellectuality and complexity of work on the one hand, and absolutely usual properties of staff and projects – on the other hand. Independence of myths comes with experience and knowledge.
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