9 Wrong Common Myths About Computer

Wrong myths around the computer is one of miss understanding in society. Along the development of computers, not all myths are true. Here is a nine wrong myths about the computer:

1) To improve the computer speed and it’s performance, we have to upgrade his hardware. Speed computer performance, depending on several factors like software as well.

2) Good computer performance will make the faster to your Internet connection. In fact, the internet connection not only need good computer performance.

3) virus is the main thing cause disturbance on the computer. In fact, that interfere with the computer very much, including electric power and human error.

4) The more expensive computer is the better the quality. The most important thing here is the selection of types and brands of compatible hardware. So, expensive hardware if not support to other, it would trigger new problems.

6) The company should replace to new computer for two years. The most important thing is to see its usefulness. If only in use for typing course, it does not need to replace the computer.

7) Computers will last longer if the let burn.
First necessary to turn the computer on which a large electric power and to maintain the stability of the temperature inside the computer is advisable not too often turned on and off the computer. But it was no longer applicable to today's computers.

8) Hackers can cause a world war. In lot of movies or stories are often portrayed that a hacker can break through the military facilities of a country that has nuclear weapons and create interference with nuclear directs owned to another country.

9) The greater the power the CPU, the faster the computer
Many people assume greater clock speed MHZ processor is marked with the faster a computer. What exactly is the speed of a processor has very little effect on the overall performance of computers, there are still other factors are more dominant for example: cache size, graphics capabilities and hard disk access time.

9) Apple / Linux is more secure than Windows
Windows operating system is often referred to as the most vulnerable because they are making Windows as a target so 'excited' for Windows users in the world. For Mac OS X would often get security patches, though often late and for Linux was not much different.

Source: duniapassword.com

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