Myths and Realities About Windows Backup Recovery

Owing to the huge population in the world, there exist copious notions of copious people. If a person thinks in a way, he influences his friends with the akin opinions that he possess. Thisleads to a commonscenario of “many people thinking alike”. And when this happens that many people reckon and judge in a particular notion, whether assess or incorrect; it leads to the age group of several myths that make home in their minds. Unless and until they come face-to-face with the realities, they go on believing those myths. In today’s age group, computer has deeply penetrated in every corner of the world. These deep roots have been formed because today anyone and everyone can use (and is using) the computer. Thanks to the very brilliant Operating System (OS) which is Microsoft Windows. Due to its extremely interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI), it is the most widely used OS in the world. But still, innumerable technological myths keep following the people because no one can stop the human minds from thinking. Many Windows users, who save their crucial files in the in-built backup systems(NTBackup and others provided by Microsoft Windows), live with several myths about Microsoft Windows backup recovery in case of Windows backup (.bkf files) corruption. These myths confine them to get any backup recoverysoftware to get data back they reckon they have lost everlastingly. Some of these myths are:
Myth 1: After hard drive crash and backup loss, Windows backup recovery is not doable.
Actuality: Even after hard drive crash leading to backup deletion, it is still doable to mend Windows BKF. This certainly is the worst data loss situation when the computer’s hard drive gets crashed. It surely would bring all the critical files at stake. But, it would still be doable to repair BKF using an further than Windows backup mend software tool. Windows backup recovery is realistic in the majority of backup data loss situations.
Myth 2: When BKF files fail to mend and some error occurs, it indicates permanent BKF data loss.
Actuality: This is again an completely negative notion which is incorrect. Many times, people encounter several errors while working on the system. With BKF files also, users can come across errors like “The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used”; “The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file”; “The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the individual data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop”; “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media” etc. But, this surely would not mean that it is the end to the data saved in the BKF file. Corruption can be fought using a Windows backup recovery tool.
Myth 3: After upgrading from an earlier Windows version to Vista, whole backup data will perish because NTBackup is not supported by Vista.
Actuality: This is right that previously Vista version did not support NTBackup. But, today it is a myth as Window Vista now supports NTBackup. So, if a user using any earlier Windows version stored his crucial data in Windows NTBackup tool and then upgraded the system to Windows Vista need not worry about his backup data. Still if there is any corruption issue in the BKF file (because of the BIT variation which is 32-bit in earlier versions and 64-bit in Windows Vista), user can still get data back from BKF by using a Windows backup file mend tool.
Myth 4: While restoring backup, interruption occurs – it would mean that BKF would dishonest and all the data stored in BKF would be vanished.
Actuality: Again, this is a incorrect notion (myth) that after BKF corruption (due an interruption at the time of backup restoration by the Windows backup utility), data stored in BKF files cannot be retrieved. The actuality is that Windows backup recovery is doable. Only thing the user has to do is to get a Windows backup mend software tool.
These myths are useless for the users as they only enlarge on their distress of data loss because such myths confine the users from trying for Windows backup recovery using an further than software tool. These myths have to be broken and users have to reckon positive towards – How to recover backup files after BKF corruption?
How to recover backup files?
As discussed above, a software tool to recover data from corrupted BKF is required for proper Windows backup recovery. Users should get the right software, otherwise their myths would become stronger and also can lead to several other myths that such software tools are of no excellent. To terminate such notions right in the commencement, SysTools has generated highly dependable and result-oriented software products which are simple and intuitive. For Microsoft Windows backup recovery also, there is a tool – SysTools BKF Repair software. It is effectual, it is well-organized, it is dependable, it is safe, it is simple-to-use, it is quick and last but not the least, it is not expensive also. The last version of this SysTools BKF Repair software is version 4.2. SysTools has added a new feature in this version which is of “Partial Scan”. In the recovery of large sized files, user can quickly do partial scan if he needs only a few files from BKF. He can grant a value (say 30%) and the software will scan till 30% and then abort the operation. In this way, user can quickly recover a few files instead of coming up till the total completion of recovery process which takes a longer time. This is a fantastic feature added to the latest version 4.2 of SysTools BKF repair software.
Author: Jessica Lal Alba
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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