Backup Myths Debunked

Keeping current backups is vital for your business. Without it, you could easily lose critical data and cause serious problems that may result in a loss of revenue. Many people take unnecessary risks with the safety of their information. 
The most common false assumption people often make is that they don’t need to back-up because they have a relatively new computer or laptop. Although new hardware is statistically less likely to fail, hard drives are notoriously unpredictable and could potentially fail at any time. A slight electrical spike or dropping a laptop can also be enough to lose all of your data. 
Some people rely on USB flash memory sticks to save their work. These are good because they are far more robust than traditional hard drives as they don’t have any moving parts inside to dislodge. However, these also have drawbacks. Flash memory has a limited lifespan and the data it contains can only be overwritten a certain number of times before it will eventually fail just like a solid state drive. The other problem with USB sticks is that because of their small size they are extremely easy to lose. A common fate for many drives is a trip to the washing machine via the pockets of your laundry! 
Another frequent excuse for not keeping back-ups is the mistaken belief that it is too difficult. It requires very little effort on your part, especially if you choose to back-up to the ‘cloud’ like WinWeb customers do. All it involves is uploading the latest version of your files to your OnlineOffice console as soon as you finish working on it. You then have a permanent copy of that file that you can instantly access from anywhere in the world. 

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