6 Popular Myths about Broadband Satellite Internet Busted

Broadband satellite Internet connection is very popular in the US and Europe. Satellite Internet providers are going all out to make satellite Internet connections available in the countryside and hilly areas where setting up DSL lines are not only expensive and time consuming but at times nearly impossible.
However, there are some myths related to broadband satellite Internet connection that create doubts in the minds of prospective consumers. Here are 6 such popular myths and the actual truth behind them:
Myth#1 Satellite Internet connection cannot be set-up in all areas.
Fact: It is a wrong notion that broadband satellite Internet is only meant for remote areas where terrestrial services such as DSL and dial up are not available. Location is never an issue with the satellite internet providers. As long as a subscriber has an unobstructed view of the satellite and the small dish is installed properly, he/she can enjoy high speed Internet connection, be it cities or smaller towns or hilly areas.
Myth#2 Satellite Internet requires a modem connection.
Fact: Contrary to popular belief, broadband satellite internet connection does not need a modem to download or upstream transmission. A small dish provided by satellite Internet providers is all that you need for accessing Internet, thus eliminating the need of using a modem. .
Myth#3 Satellite internet performance is not dependent on the quality of your computer.
Fact: The performance of your high speed satellite internet connection depends significantly on the speed and configuration of your computer. It can be severely limited by a poorly fitted or old computer. An underpowered computer will not allow the user to view a web page clearly that contains Flash or other elements.
An updated computer with a good speed is necessary to enjoy the full features of a web site. The broadband satellite Internet connection may transmit data at a faster rate, but it is the computer that holds the key to viewing the pages in a perfect way.
Myth#4: Satellite Internet Access is easily affected by bad weather conditions
Fact: This is not at all true. In fact when a satellite dish is professionally installed, a user get to enjoy uninterrupted satellite Internet access irrespective of the weather conditions. If the dish has an unobstructed view of the sky then there would be no problem in accessing the Internet connection. Only under extreme torrential downpour conditions can there be some disturbance but that too for just a few seconds or minutes.
Myth#5: Satellite Internet is difficult to use.
Fact: Satellite Internet is very easy to use. At the time of installation, the installer shows the user how to use it. Moreover with every broadband Internet connection a user gets a copy of instructions to make them comfortable but how to use it. In case some minor problem arises, users can easily solve it on their own. Otherwise, a user can always contact the â??Customer Careâ? center which is just a phone call away.
Myth#6: Satellite Internet requires frequent and expensive servicing
Fact: Satellite internet connection does not require frequent and expensive servicing. In fact, thanks to the tough competition between satellite internet providers, they are all racing against each other to woo customers with new plans and rates. Most of the plans include several months of free warranty during which a subscriber does not have to pay a penny for any servicing. To give the best service to their customers, there are customer service departments available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In spite of all these myths broadband satellite Internet connection have become popular and soon more people will start believe its potentiality.  Get your broadband satellite Internet connection today.
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