The Most Notable Laptop Pc Myths Explained

n today’s technologically dependant world laptop computers are quite popular and in many cases they are needed for school and work. Many universities now offer wireless Internet in classrooms and power outlets at each table so that students can be connected. At some universities students must log onto the Internet while in class to take exams. It is surprising that such a common and popular item still has so many common myths surrounding it.
In the early 1980s small, portable computers were introduced, but they were nothing like the portable PCs of today. There are countless options for notebook PCs today and countless uses. The newest member of the laptop family, the netbook, has further revolutionized the way we use computers. Netbooks are very small computers that are made to be carried around with you so you can access the Internet at any time. This type of computer is more popular than it ever has been, but some of the persisting myths about them may surprise you.
Myth 1: PC Notebooks are Always Higher Priced Than Desktop PCs
It is simply not true that notebooks are always more expensive than desktop PCs. Sure, there are laptops that are more expensive than desktop PCs, but there are also many that are lower priced or similarly priced. The new netbooks are often priced amazingly low – sometime half the price of a desktop PC. The price of your new computer depends on what you need to use it for. A better graphics card for gaming will raise the price, as will other upgrades.
Myth 2: Battery life is too short to be useful.
Portable computer batteries have improved over the last ten years and they actually last much longer than they used to. Most of today’s PC notebooks actually have a battery life between six and eight hours. They do not have to be charged as frequently as older portable computers did. You still have to recharge them at least once a day, but that is not so difficult.
Myth 3: Desktops just have the most features and options.
Today’s PC notebooks are everything today’s desktops are. PC notebooks that have excellent graphics cards and sound cards are easy to find for gamers and music lovers. For those who need to be connected there are built-in webcams and microphones. PC notebooks also generally come standard with wireless cards so you can connect almost anywhere.
PC notebooks have changed in over the last two decades, just as most technology has. Today’s portable computer actually offer longer battery life, wireless connections, great graphics, large memory capacity, duel-core processors, and many other great options. On top of all of this, many PC notebooks are also reasonably priced.
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