Unlimited Music Downloads Truths and Myths

Unlimited music downloads exist? Yes they do provided if you know exactly where to find them. Downloading music online has become a big business for music vendors these days. But to download online music can be a tricky deal for the uninitiated. Even if you are a veteran MP3 junkie and have downloaded tons of music online, there are probably still tips and tricks, truths and myths that would reveal more little-known but beneficial information to you in your pursuit for unlimited music downloads.

What are some of the truths and myths about sites offering unlimited music downloads?

Unlimited Music Downloads Truth 1 – Free is Not Free After All

Have you heard or come across sites that offer you free music downloading? Very soon, you would realize that there really is no such thing as free lunch. Try some of these sites and you would notice that you could be downloading corrupted MP3 files, or worse still, adware, spyware and even computer viruses onto your computer. You end up having to put up with a deluge of annoying pop windows with advertisements and unwelcome banner advertisement.

Your computer slows down to a halt and suffers from poor performance. You try to remove those pestering adware and spyware but find that it is quite impossible to do so using conventional removal methods. The only solution you have is to purchase expensive adware and spyware remover in order to get rid of those pests and restore your computer capabilities. If you are not careful, the harmful malware could totally bring the computer to a total shutdown. The cost of downloading music at some free sites is this: a new computer and expensive anti-virus, anti-adware and spyware. So it is not free after all!

Unlimited Music Downloads Truth 2 – Different Sites, Different Music Genre

You may not be aware but not all download sites offer you all genres of music. Some are specialized in hip hop music, others in classical pieces, jazz or pop. So when you want to download music online, be sure to check out if the site carries your ideal brand of music.

Unlimited Music Downloads Myth 1 – Sound Quality of Music Downloads Are Equal

In case you are thinking that the music files you download are of the same quality, then you cannot be more mistaken than that. Even for the same song title, and exact song sung by the same singer or band group, the difference in the quality of sound and music can be vast. It really depends on whether the file format is in MP3, AVI, OGG, AAC, WMA, ATRAC, DivX, WAV or other versions. Each format has its unique music range.

Unlimited Music Downloads Myth 2 – Lose A Fortune To Download Endless Songs

No, it does not have to cost you a fortune to download hundreds or even thousands of your favorite music and sound tracks. There are several sites that offer lifetime access to huge archives of music files for the price of a few CDs.

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