Is Mac laptop computers as good as it claims it is?

I am interested in buying one, but I don’t want to buy it only to be ripped off. Also, what laptop of theirs would you recommend?

Let’s address a few cherished myths from the MS Fanboy club.???
Having a UNIX BSD base, OSX is a far more stable and secure system, and not prone to viruses. And for those who still insist on quoting that tired old myth about market share and viruses: UNIX varients are the most widely used operating systems outside the home, yet they suffer none of what windows suffers.???
Apple does NOT make all the software for Macs. They make the operating system, the iLife suite (bundled with Macs), and a couple of others. I use Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro), MS Office (Word, Excel, etc), and a smattering of other apps for my work. I have the same apps at home, plus a few dozen games, including the best sellers.???
They’re very easy to upgrade, and come with pretty good hardware out of the box. The kind of set-up most PCs upgrade to. If you were to configure a PC to the same specs as an iMac or MacPro, and add comparable software that Apple includes, that PC would cost a little more than the Mac. You get what you pay for.???
Peripherals are plug and play, and yes, Mac’s have come with multi-function mice for a few years now.
There are hundreds of periferals and upgrades available for many, many companies.???
Macs can have multiple operating systems loaded. You can be running in native OSX, and run windowze through parallels (we have one at work doing this) so we can used the ONE PC app we need, that isn’t available for a Mac (Publisher). ??
I’ve used both systems. Windowze is clunky and bloated by comparison. A pain in the cyber-butt. ???
Apple innovates.?MS Imitates.

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