Google Chrome OS Common Myths Cleared

Is  Chrome OS a replacement for UbuntuWindows and Leopard?
The answer to this question is a clear cut no. ChromeOS is meant for applications which can run on browsers. Most applications these days do work on browsers, but not everything. ChromeOS is meant to work on Net-Books  ( late 2010,festive season). It is meant to be your second machine and not the first one. You can use the first machine with Ubuntu or Windows or an  OS-X.
What is it about ChromeOS that should make us use it?
Speed, Security and Simplicity. You can get on to your browser much faster with ChromeOS. Chrome, the browser works faster with ChromeOS. “It takes about 7 seconds to to go the log-in screen. And another 3 seconds to log in to your application. And we’re working to make that faster.”
One of the reasons computers boot so slowly today is that they’re still looking for things like floppy drives. Does anyone use those anymore? No. We cut out a lot of the startup processes. And we open the browser immediately.
Chrome OS will get you quicker to your Chrome Browser

ChromeOS will get you quicker to your Chrome Browser
The ChromeOS has striking similarities with the browser Google Chrome. You will have application tabs and an App Menu.
What applications will run on the ChromeOS?
Web Applications and that is it. “In ChromeOS every application is a  web application. There are no native applications.That gives us simplicity. It’s just a browser with a few modifications. And all data is ChromeOS is in the cloud.”  So If you lose your data, don’t worry your data had been synced with the Cloud, the next time you login using another device you are up and running back with recovered lost data. All Chrome OS devices will be based on  solid-state storage.

ChromeOS apps. Everything is a web application
You want to a textpad and it opens in a small window. The PDF files open, the way they do in Chrome, the browser. Microsoft Excel files open in the killer application made by Microsoft (for ChromeOS :) :) :) !!!). Yes, XLS files open in Office online. Google wants a television like experience for net-books. ( Just switch on the computer and start entertaining yourself).  Flash based Chess and Youtube videos will work beautifully. Google will try to support Silverlight too???
What does Google do about ChromeOS security?
Every time you boot your system ChromeOS will check if the version of ChromeOS you are using is the correct and clean one (Verified boot and System Recovery if the file system is corrupted).  In current  operating systems, the applications have the same permissions as the user. It is different, however, in ChromeOS.
Current OSes allow apps to have the same power as you. They can modify files, etc. This means a rogue app can do bad things. In Chrome OS all the apps are web apps, with a different security model. The OS doesn’t trust any app. Every app is a web app.
And we have security sandboxing – same thing we do in Chrome. Every tab run in Chrome OS is locked down and different from other tabs.”
How does the file system work?
It is an auto-updated file system with read-only root partition, locked down unlike current OSes.User data is always encrypted.
Can I install Chrome OS on my PC or on my MAC ?
No, you cannot . You will have to buy a new machine.”If you are a developer and have the right type of netbook (and a screwdriver) you can get Chrome OS running today.” Google is working with their “hardware partners” and giving out specifications about the hardware required to get ChromeOS going.” For example, we only support solid-state drives and certain types of WiFi cards.” The presentation was made on Eee PC (ASUS).
But, yes(The good news however is that the VMWARE for Google ChromeOS is available here.)
Is the code available for download now?
Yes, the code is available. However, as I write this post the chromium build folder has been removed by Google. It was there yesterday. The snapshot was provided by TechCrunch.

ChromeOS logo
The complete video of the presentation is available on  Google’s Youtube Channel. The layman’s view of the ChromeOS can be found  here.
Can you run Android apps on Chrome OS? Is Chrome server solution a possibility?
No, you cannot run Android apps on ChromeOS as of now. Chrome server solution is obviously a possibility.
Any price targets for the net book which will run ChromeOS?  What processors will it run on?
No. But Google will try to make it competitive.It will run on  x86 and ARM.
What happens when the cloud is down?
Yes, the OS will be down. But Cloud is still more stable than HDD. (According to Google).
Google’s business plans for Chrome OS?
No business plans as yet. Google wants people to use the internet better. (That is where Google makes money from). Sergi Brin answered it saying “Call us dumb businessmen, but . . . we believe the Web platform is a much simpler way.” Sergi said, at Google they first think how to give the user a better experience.
ChromeOS is all about running everything as a web application on Chrome-the browser. So Can ChromeOS run on Mozilla?
Google says, code is now open. So, a browser like Firefox can create their own operating system which can run on Firefox.
These were some of the questions which I could make a note of while I was listening to the WebCast. The images have been taken from  TechCrunch.
My take on the whole episode?
Google is not looking at a replacement for Windows or OS-X. It is a different kind of an operating system meant for internet addicts. Intenet will definitely be faster on ChromeOS.  Obviously, you cannot do everything on the ChromeOS. I am not sure, how coding can be done on it. Maybe the bespin project (Code in the cloud) from Mozilla gets a boost from this. Photoshop is coming on the browser. Till then, try using  Picnik for photo editing. I love MATLAB and  and I am sure, we cannot run that on ChromeOS as of now. Google ChromeOS seems to be step in a different direction,whether it is right or wrong, only time will tell. And, yes I am giving ChromeOS a try through the VMWare.

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